Individual Case For Strategy Of Heidi Roizen

Roizen’s hard life as an adult shaped her desire to be independent and self-sufficient. She realizes she has to start her career alone after suffering through a terrible financial situation and the sudden loss of her fiancé. Roizen was interested in working in technology, but the degree she earned as a creative writer limited her options. During her first work in tenders, Roizen learned how powerful networking is and discovered that she has a natural talent for building relationships.

Roizen’s career began with her building good relationships with talented and interesting people. She built her network on talent, and not commercial experience. So, she got to know different people working at companies such as Tmaker, Apple, or STA. We can see that her primary job was her networking business. It is important to remember that networking can be used to grow a business, but Heidi’s business was networking. Roizen uses this approach to communicate with others. In the beginning, Roizen established relations with people who were around her. Roizen was of the opinion that you need time to get to know someone or gain access to them. Maintaining performance and consistency is also recommended during every interaction. She kept a network of people by offering them the benefits of having a relationship with her. To begin, she sent daily emails to her contacts in order to build the relationship. Heidi was committed to maintaining a long-term relationship with her contacts, and she believed that helping others without having any expectations in the short term is the best way to do it. Roizen gained the trust and respect of those she worked with, which later helped her to establish a profitable business relationship.

Roizen’s ability to bridge connectivity gaps is described in the “A Note on Social Networks & Network Structure” and she has benefited. She developed her network through the act of acting as an interlocutor between two parties. Roizen is often referred to as a marketer, a catalyst. Before she does anything for anyone, she will want to ensure that there are benefits to both parties. She achieved this by analyzing how each contact could provide value to the other. By her analytical power, she was able, in a sense, to build trust with people and establish their belief about what Roizen had to offer.

Roizen was part of a network that bridged the gap between him and his clients. Roizen is a party host who loves to invite high-tech friends. This provides a great opportunity for networking. Roizan was very careful in arranging the guests at her house. She invited guests who knew about 60% of her party members to help them feel at ease. Her networking was successful. These parties allowed people to get to know the market more informally. They also found that parties were not just a place for socializing, but could be profitable over time. Roizen’s rule was to ask yourself why anyone would be interested in doing business or talking to you if they didn’t know you. She built a bridge network to allow people to get acquainted and later, these relationships could lead to a business meeting. Roizen’s network was maintained and built in this manner, adding value to her various networks.

What are Roizen’s strongest networks at the conclusion of this case. Weaknesses?

Roizen has a strong network. However, to assess its strength, you must first recognize the patience, dedication, and persistence required to establish a relationship with a diverse group of powerful individuals. Roizen has dedicated so much time and effort to create a specific kind of networking/relationship with the people during her professional career as a working lady into a different industry, especially in the Silicon Valley. Roizen’s strengths in her network are listed below.

Roizen Network focused its attention on CEOs and executive CEOs, instead of random networking events. The network aspect helped her to build relationships with the major players in the industry. A strong relationship she had with CEOs of the market helped her maintain a reputation for being an authentic individual.

Relationships can be built through a mix of professional and personal interaction. Raizan loves hosting parties and uses them to build relationships with others as well as provide networking opportunities. Her networking enabled her to take advantage of her relationship and create win-win scenarios for both her and others.

Roizen acknowledges that it is easier to connect with people who aren’t well-known. Roizen, as a new vendor capitalist, always replied to the business plans of promising entrepreneurs. She believed that was the best method to naturally create a network. She holds on to those contacts for future use.

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to networking. For a network to be consistent, it takes time and patience. Roizen stated that in order to maintain her relationship, she spends hours a week replaying 100 emails. In this case, one of Roizen’s colleagues said that her emails became shorter over time and eventually only contained incomplete sentences. Roizen’s “friends” are also more accepting of her than the amount of time she gives.

What was Roizen’s strategy to build her network? How do you maintain your network?

Roizen has a great reputation and is well-known in the tech world. Throughout her professional life, she developed a very powerful and large network. Her powerful network was built primarily because of her high-energy personality and curious nature. She also wanted to help and interact with people who were high calibre. In the early days of her Tandem job, she realized that networking was the key to moving up the ladder. Roizen also had to establish a network when she and her brother co-founded T/maker. Main objective was marketing the product. Roizen is always guided by the method of ‘what can you offer?’ Roizen is always willing to assist people in their projects/needs when interacting with them. By using a friendly and social approach, Roizen was able build a strong relationship with Tandem’s CEO. Roizen benefits from the relationship as he recommends her to Roizen MBA Program.

Roizen built a network of tech entrepreneurs, software publishers, and journalists to promote T/Maker. Roizen is always more interested in the talent of the person with whom she is connecting than the position they hold within the company. Roizen builds good relationships with intelligent, interesting people that later become senior executives at their companies. Her success can be attributed primarily to the relationships she built and her ability to utilize them in her favor in this instance at apple. Apple calls Roizen and Roizen uses her tech network to build a brand for the first time.

Relationships can be built through a mix of professional and personal interaction. Raizan hosts a lot of parties and uses them to build relationships with others.

Roizen believes that consistency and performance are the best ways to maintain a network. Roizen is a firm believer that consistency and performance are the key to maintaining a network. Roizen is always guided by the “what I can offer” approach. Roizen never asks for help, but always offers support before asking. By using this method you can make the person grateful for your help and increase their likelihood to reciprocate. Roizen is always conscious of the time spent by her contacts and makes sure to keep requests short. Roizen is also careful not to ask for favors too often. Roizeb emails is one way she maintains her networks. Roizen is always sure to send an email right after her meeting thanking people for their participation.

What are your suggestions for Roizen in regards to maintaining and adjusting her network.

Heidi Roizen’s case is very interesting because I can’t believe the number of people with whom she has networked. I think that her ability to network was more a function of her outgoing personality, high energy, and her natural nature. Here is what I would suggest for Roizen.

Roizen’s greatest strength, according to my answer to the question above, is her willingness to get acquainted with interesting people and talent. As it is very obvious that Roizen’s network is confined to the tech sector, my recommendation for her would be to build a network beyond this industry. This will give her the opportunity to interact with other talented people, which is what Roizen loves most. She can also avoid any professional pressure.

A second suggestion is to make a list of priority people and keep a constant relationship with them. She can then focus on managing her personal and professional life. Roizen may suffer from a lack of priorities in her vast network if she continues to try to maintain it.

It is clear that Roizen’s strength lies in planning. I would suggest that she delegate part of her job or plan ahead. For example, reading her business plan to her assistants or sending them rejection letters. Roizen would be able to use her time better by delegating tasks. This is why Softbank hired Roizen. Roizen is right to want to spend some time on the business plans but if she delegated an early screening process downwards in the organization, it could help her effectiveness and performance.


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    Isabel is a 30-year-old educational blogger and student. She has been writing about education for over 10 years and has written for a variety of different platforms. She is currently a student at the University of Utah.



Isabel is a 30-year-old educational blogger and student. She has been writing about education for over 10 years and has written for a variety of different platforms. She is currently a student at the University of Utah.

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