The Crazy Types Of Readers

Nearly everyone enjoys reading. There are many readers who love reading. There are many types of book readers: the book clubbers, partial readers, re-readers and emotional readers. Let’s take a look at these interesting types of readers.

The book clubber is the first. This reader puts a lot of effort into the book club process. You can learn more about reading by reading our article. They enjoy creating book clubs, creating food, reading, discussing the books and creating theories. Book clubbers are, to my mind, 40-year-old women who get together once a week for wine and hors d’oeuvres. The partial reader is next. I find it curious that people choose to read a book. Why would you even bother to finish a book? This reader is prone to being distracted, lose interest and move on to other books. Or they just give up altogether. This is why they don’t read books.

They are the re-readers. These readers fall in love with a series or book so much that they read it at least 12 times. They’d rather read “Harry Potter” and “Fault in Our Stars” again than visit Barnes and Noble and see the Newly Published section. They will read every new book by an author they are familiar with and then go on to find another one.

Many people read on a Nook or Kindle. There is an exception to the rule. These people are called the loyal readers of physical books. They are like me and love the tactile feel and smell of old and new books. Anyone who prefers to read a book on an electronic device is condemned. They spend 95% of their time at the library looking for new books to love and read.

The emotional reader is last. This is me. Emotional readers feel so connected to fictional characters in books that they want to be there. While most readers feel emotions while reading, emotional readers are more likely to cry at the death of a character or be thrilled when a character is in love. These readers are the most bizarre.

It is obvious that readers are insane. They just love reading, whether they read a lot or not.



Isabel is a 30-year-old educational blogger and student. She has been writing about education for over 10 years and has written for a variety of different platforms. She is currently a student at the University of Utah.

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