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Divorce: the main causes

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Beginning: This is the introduction to the essay.

It is important to know the reasons behind the high divorce rate in our society. Couples are more likely to divorce if they are unhappy. Couples who have been in a marriage for more than 30 years are surprised to want to split up. The fact that so many marriages fail is a tragedy, because no one ever expects to be married for life. Although newlyweds have high expectations, the reality is that life can be unpredictable. Anyone can turn away from you and leave you feeling alone. This essay will cover the most common divorce causes.

Divorce: the main causes

Infidelity is having an affair outside of marriage. It is an affair that takes place outside the marriage. The majority of people refer to it as adultery or cheating. Nowadays, cheating is rampant. Many couples have killed each other because they found out the other was cheating. Some couples decide not to kill each other but instead divorce. Many families have broken up because of extra-marital relationships. What is the main question here? Infidelity has two main causes.

Some partners have a hard time forgiving their partners when they cheat on them. To get back at their partners, they will cheat on them too. When the situation reaches this level, I suggest that both parties seek out a marriage counsellor.

A relationship is considered one-sided when one partner feels undervalued, unappreciated, or that all financial responsibility falls on them. This may tempt the partner to seek out another companion, which could be very dangerous.

The big dog in this case is the dog. I think money is the main reason for most marriages to fail. Careless spending and having one partner have more money can cause problems. I think that many men are threatened by their wives earning more money than they do. This can cause chaos. The woman could feel superior to the man if she makes more money. This may lead to a struggle for power. The man is always the head in the home. No matter how educated a woman may be, this will always remain the case. This may be the reason some husbands don’t want their wives working after they get married. It is important to take into account such factors if you want a happy marriage. Each family should plan their finances properly.

Couples may argue over finances, their children or their respective responsibilities. Most couples argue about children. Arguments may arise over who will pick up their children from school or who is responsible for paying school fees and buying clothes for them. After work both partners might argue about who will do the household chores. One of the main reasons why couples argue is because one partner feels ignored. This leads them to bring up the same issues. This can lead to a divorce, even if it is a marriage or merely a dating relationship.

Communication is key to a successful marriage. You should not yell or speak harshly. Screaming and yelling are not acceptable because the partner may be offended. Soft answers can turn away anger. Some couples have become accustomed to shouting at each other over very small issues. Communication that is unhealthy should be abandoned in any relationship as it can lead to divorce.

There are many disappointments in life. Do not expect your spouse’s behavior to match the ideal you have of them. Some couples expect their partners to do things that they can’t. They see their partner as a failure because they do not meet their expectations. Divorce can be caused by wrong expectations. You should love your partner, not what you think they will be like after marriage.

Abuse can be physical or emotional. Abuse is either physical or psychological. Our current society is rife with physical abuse. You will find that many children have stories about their parents’ fights and abuse. It is not only physical abuse that leads to abuse. Emotional abuse begins first, where the male partner criticizes her for her dress, walking, talking, and her physical appearance. As is well-known, women love to hear what others have to say. It could really impact a woman. For women, it is possible to try and blame their men for being unhappy, or they can check their phone constantly for texts, calls, or other messages. They may even accuse them of cheating. All of these things are emotional abuse.

If emotional violence leads to physical violence, in which husband and wives beat eachother, this is not allowed. Divorce is often caused by this. To save your family from the pain and trauma of an abusive relationship, it is best to leave.

Marriage is not something that should be done without caution and without God’s fear. Some young people just jump into marriage thinking it will be simple. You may believe that you are escaping your current problems, but in reality, you are just adding them. To stay with a spouse and their children, one should be prepared psychologically and receive good advice. Inadvertent marriage is a common mistake made by young people in their 20s. They are often unable to handle the challenges of marriage and end up divorcing.

Imagine couples living together like brothers and sisters? In other words, they are not intimate with each other emotionally or physically. You may feel as if your partner is a stranger if you do not have any connection with them. Intimacy does not only refer to sexual intimacy. Emotional intimacy is just as important, where you can connect, communicate well, surprise one another, and even help eachother. It is important to not ignore the sexual needs of your partner. You must attend to your partner’s needs sexually, or else they might start to consider infidelity. Divorce may result.

It’s amazing how women change after having children. Some men marry thin women who become plump after having children. God has made us all different, and some men will marry women who are plump but reduce their weight after having babies. If there is no love or understanding in a marriage, the husband may find his wife to be less attractive. The problem starts when he stops paying attention to her. This is why some couples end up divorcing because of it. I think it doesn’t matter how a girl looks as long she keeps her hygiene up after childbirth.

The truth is that a girl can be a fake to get a guy’s attention. A man can do the same thing to a girl, hiding his true self in order to get her to marry him. This is completely incorrect. It’s said to be yourself, and people will love you. Some people find out after marriage that their spouse is a completely different person. In worst cases, a husband may marry an innocent woman and educate her to the point she is at. But unfortunately she may change to the point that he cannot communicate with her. Sad to see how many people do not enjoy their marriages but instead just persist in it. When partners discover that they have become strangers, they tend to opt for divorce.

Alcohol is often abused. Combining alcohol with other drugs can be more dangerous. It is usually the breadwinner who drinks too much and ignores his duties that causes the problem. Men who drink all of their income and ignore their families can leave them with financial problems. Drug abuse can also cause a partner to be late to work or not show up at all because of the amount of time spent on the drug. Drug abuse can also lead to domestic violence. Divorce is also a common result of drug abuse.

Marriage is not only about companionship. It’s also about procreation. Every woman wants to have children. Couples can have reproductive problems from either spouse. In our society, people tend to be quick to blame women. This is not right. Infertility can affect men as well. People are advised to consult a doctor in such cases. Divorce is also a result of couples not being patient with one another.

It is most common in marriages or long-distance relationships. You should not take your spouse’s love for granted. When your partner is in another state or country, you will need to communicate frequently to keep the relationship going. This will help to avoid loneliness if partners lose interest. Loneliness can lead to infidelity and divorce.

Unfortunately, many couples forget their marriage and focus only on their children after they have children. The focus is so much on the children that they forget to take care of their spouse. As the children get older and begin to work, they realize they have no common ground. It is easy to get divorced when there are no connections.

Causes and effects of divorce: conclusion essayEvery couple disagrees. What makes them different is how they settle their differences. It is important that decisions are not made unilaterally. Sometimes, a third-party, such as a pastor, elder, or parent, is needed to resolve a conflict. Both partners must be open to listening in this situation. If not, divorce can occur.

This essay explains what causes couples to divorce. Divorce is caused by many things, from simple arguments and lack communication to more serious issues like infidelity, abuse or infertility. The decision to save or dissolve a marriage is purely up to the couple.


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    Isabel is a 30-year-old educational blogger and student. She has been writing about education for over 10 years and has written for a variety of different platforms. She is currently a student at the University of Utah.



Isabel is a 30-year-old educational blogger and student. She has been writing about education for over 10 years and has written for a variety of different platforms. She is currently a student at the University of Utah.

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