Who Is The Most Influential Person In Your Life

Some people inspire us. They can inspire us, especially when we need it. Their lives influence us. There are several people I could look up to. My stepfather is one of them. It is him I most admire. He helped to me in a number of situations. Because of him, I have become the person that I want. He is a role-model for most of the people who are fortunate enough to know him. The three things that I most admire about my stepfather are optimism, hardwork, and kindness.

My stepfather had to take care of himself from a young age. His mother wasn’t there after the death of his father. He also had to take care of his mother, in addition to taking care of himself. During that time he was still attending school and working odd jobs. After his father’s death, his mother had little to offer him. Many would have considered his situation hopeless. Most teenagers would have lost faith and fallen into despair. My stepfather, however, did not. He focused on his positive attributes. Although he worked and went to school, his dream was to become a successful airline pilot. Despite the hardships, he did not stop working or attending school. His positive attitude is what helped him to continue his education.

My stepfather’s willingness to work is another thing for which I have great respect. After graduating top of his class from high-school, he joined The Marine Corps as a Fighter Pilot and served during The Korean War. He returned from his tour, a little shaken but not hurt. With his GI Bill, he enrolled at USC, and within four years, he graduated with honors summacum laude. Over the years, my stepfather was under a lot of financial stress. He had no one to help him. This man was our family’s lifeline. The first thing he did was to be an underpaid, and therefore difficult to hire firefighter. To get promoted to a moderately-paid Engineer, he passed both a written and physical test. To be eligible for promotion he needed to pass three IFSTA units: #3 Hose practice, #5 fire streams, and #6 fire apparatus. Then, he received a promotion to Captain, which is a highly-paid position in the Glendale Fire Department. For him to be promoted, he must have passed the Officer Training School and completed the IFSTA course. He was also a private-pilot to earn some extra money. He worked very hard to make sure we got the best education and a decent diet. Along with these life lessons, he teaches me to value hard work. In time, his philosophy has influenced me and I am now a hard-working person.

My stepfather, in conclusion, is one of my favorite people. I’m not sure if he would have treated me the same way if he didn’t have three children. Each child was given equal opportunity. He gave me an incredibly beautiful pin when I graduated from highschool. It is rare for stepfathers to do this. But he really cares about me and treats me like I am his blood and flesh. He is equally kind to everyone.

My stepfather has been the greatest influence on my life. He taught me three important values: optimism, hardwork and kindness. My stepfather has been a great inspiration to me. He taught me how having the right values and attitude can influence those around you. Although I cannot be him, I can try to emulate his qualities. I can never spend enough time with my son. I make every effort to be in contact with him. Every time I am with him, I learn new things. He is an excellent role model.

Greta Thunberg, a seventeen year old Swedish environmentalist with ambition led the biggest climate strike on the planet in 2019. Over 161 countries saw 4 million people join her to demand change. Greta Thunberg is an ambitious young woman who has a bright future and is more sharp than a pencil number 4. Thunberg’s efforts in 2019 have been more impressive than any other person on the planet. Thunberg should be given the recognition she so richly deserves.

Greta Thunberg, just 11 years old at the time, knew that climate change was a growing issue. The effects had been simmering for years like a overcooked stew. Thunberg was depressed over the seemingly impossible task. This child stopped eating and socializing because he thought the world was in crisis. Do you think that at 11 years old, climate change could have such an impact on you? She grew up with the growing environmental crisis, which empowered her and inspired to do something about it. Thunberg protested every Friday bravely in front Sweden’s Parliament, vowing to persist until Swedish officials agreed on a reduction target. She began to regularly cut her classes and schooling and encouraged others to join in. She had gathered over 20,000 students in the UK, Australia and Japan to join her by December 2018. She then decided to spend the entire year 2019 protesting, giving speeches, attending conferences, and meeting with important politicians and nonpolitical people. She says: “I felt I was the only person caring about the climate and ecological crisis. Greta has shown tremendous tenacity by her protesting to solve the global ecological crisis.

Greta is an activist, but her choice in transport shows how much she cares about the environment. Greta Thurnberg, who led protests and strikes in Europe, chose to travel by train instead of aeroplane so as to minimize the environmental impact. She refused to fly to New York to attend the UN Climate Conference. Instead, she took a two-week trip by ship across the Atlantic Ocean. She does not want to contribute to carbon footprints by flying. It is my conviction that I could not be as dedicated to a cause as this girl, who would rather sail than fly for a period of two weeks. She has also convinced others, including her mother, an opera singer who travels a lot, to stop flying. Greta Thunberg’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gases and help the global ecological crisis has had a significant impact on events in 2018.

Greta Thunberg has overcome many obstacles. For example, cruel and brutal people have insulted her publicly and verbally to reporters. Thunberg will not allow others’ opinions and comments to diminish her worth. She claimed that she gets thousands and thousands of hateful comments online for her looks, clothes, behaviour, and disorders. You can’t imagine being attacked and discriminated for something that you have no control over. Donald Trump mocked the girl’s speeches in a brutally bitter way, stating that she should ‘work on her angry management problem’. Vladimir Putin called her a naive girl who was ‘kind’ but ‘poorly informed’. Steven Mnuchin, US Treasury secretary, insulted and denigrated the girl, saying: “After she has studied economics at university, she will be able to explain it to us.” Imagine the pain this innocent, young girl would feel if she was victimized by world leaders because she tried to solve a problem! We should not allow anyone to be treated in this way.

Greta Thunberg is a motivated and extremely driven environmentalist who has not stopped protesting. Greta even took off a year of school in order to accomplish her goal. She chose to take a 2-week voyage across the Atlantic Ocean instead of flying due to the outrageous amount of greenhouse gases they produce. She has overcome the ruthless denigration of world leaders and bullying on her Facebook page for her disordered appearance. Greta Thunberg, based on evidence, is the most influential person in the entire world. I believe that Thunberg is the most powerful person in the world.


  • isabelowen

    Isabel is a 30-year-old educational blogger and student. She has been writing about education for over 10 years and has written for a variety of different platforms. She is currently a student at the University of Utah.



Isabel is a 30-year-old educational blogger and student. She has been writing about education for over 10 years and has written for a variety of different platforms. She is currently a student at the University of Utah.

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